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Yours Truly Jewelry and Design

Jewelry designed with you in mind

       Your Jewelry, Your Ideas, Your Style, My Hands

I have created a large collection of my original jewelry, using semiprecious stones, such as emerald, garnet, amethyst, citrine and others, roughly tumbled into nuggets, rounded into cabachons, or cut  in slices or laser cut faceted stones shaped by  a professional jeweler in teardrop, round, and cushion faceting as well as others; and I never make a duplicate.  So you have a true one of a kind piece.  Of course , I can't post every new jewelry piece , so you know if new pictures are up, there is more to come.  You can check it out at the Jax Beach Walk, every second Tuesday lining 1st Street from Sneakers.  Of course, you can always make an appointment with me to create your dream item one on one to get it perfectly made for you. Consultations are free, and depending on intricacy and gemstones, usually priced between $10 to $50 for a sitting, and all supplies and time will be specifically priced for your information. 


                        Beth Montis

   ***  "Gold", "silver",  "bronze" and "copper" relate to the color of the metal used, not the material.  Jewelry wire comes in a range of colors and mixed metals guaranteed not to turn your skin orange or green.

P.S.  I'm sorry for the sideways pictures, I'm no IT expert, just a gemstone expert!